Capy - Description

Capy is an arcade game on iPhone and iPod Touch. Your goal is to guide Capy, the ring ball, to collect all the missing baby capies. You can control Capy by slightly tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Lead him through the levels by using some tips such as teleporting devices, doors. Be careful to avoid the black Capies. You will also have to rescue the baby Capies and bring them in safety.

Each kind of baby Capy has its own characteristics: electric baby Capies (the small yellow balls) enable you to activate a switch which controls a door; green baby Capies (the small green balls) are not sensitive to the gravity field. You need to use all those characteristics to complete a level.

Features :

- High scores

- Nice graphics

- 10 levels

capy screens 1

capy screens 2

capy screens 3

capy screens 4

capy screens 5